Submit at Payout Centres

The VLT site where you won will pay cashout tickets up to $2,500 and an exchange ticket is printed to claim the remaining amount.  Exchange tickets of any win value can be claimed at one of the two payout centres in Regina and Saskatoon.  Submit all items included in the checklist at a payout centre.  The payout centre will provide you with the necessary forms to complete.  After your claim submission is reviewed and validated, the payout centre will provide you with a cheque for the exchange ticket amount.


You must book an appointment before visiting the payout centre




  • Saskatoon Payout Centre


  • Regina Payout Centre


Claims at Payout Centre Checklist

  • Bring one government issued photo identification or two government issued identifications (without a photo).  Only original identifications will be accepted.
    • Photo identifications: driver’s license, SGI issued identification card, Indian status card, firearms license identification or passport
    • Other identifications: birth certificate, Canadian Armed Forces identification card, federal, provincial, territorial or municipal Police identification card
  • The original exchange ticket (signature field and redemption form must be complete)
  • Book an appointment at the payout centre
  • Claimant Form
  • Legal Release Form (may be required)
  • Statement of Circumstances (may be required)


1-888-VLT-WCLC (1-888-858-9252)

Exchange tickets up to a maximum of $5,000 can be claimed by Mail or Online.

Cashout tickets cannot be redeemed at the payout centre.

For more information refer to the VLT Rules of Operation.