• $660,501.01

    Jennifer Fafard

    Humboldt, SK

  • $548,579.01

    Robin Smith

    Regina, SK

  • $787,250.06

    Joshua, Dykstra

    Coderre, SK

  • $1,188,958.43

    Scott Wheatley

    Regina, SK

  • $811,843.81

    Alicia Brass

    Canora, SK

  • $691,127.42

    Lee-Ann Mcann

    Bethune, SK

  • $1,071,735.47

    Rebecca Tyberg

    Swift Current, SK

  • $1,280,308.17

    Mei Hong Wang

    Nokomis, SK

  • $1,468,781.43

    Louisa Halkett

    Prince Albert, SK

  • $1,182,437.43

    Michael Tokarz

    Saskatoon, SK

  • $1,205,540.14

    Nikki Paintednose

    Saskatoon, SK

  • $1,075,213.58

    Bob Heintz

    Kipling, SK

  • $775,685.59

    Vincent Thompson

    La Ronge, SK

  • $811,328.71

    Garry Oleksyn

    Saskatoon, SK

  • $699,559.51

    Doug Joel

    Elrose, SK

  • $977,218.80

    Patti Parenteau

    Wakaw, SK

  • $1,149,131.61

    Kevin Olsen

    Saskatoon, SK

  • $892,760.02

    David Powell

    Carnduff, SK

  • $686,572.16

    Eric Day

    Watrous, SK

  • $1,212,008.24

    Shirley Smith

    Moose Jaw, SK

  • $537,856.64

    Donna Wiebe

    Saskatoon, SK

  • $688,054.53

    Craig Hutchison

    Regina, SK

  • $765,393.19

    Trevor Kuntz

    Lloydminster, SK

  • $1,224,014.82

    Judith Karpinka

    Saskatoon, SK

Vault Breaker Progressive

A progressive is a jackpot that increases (progresses) a small amount for every play on a progressive-enabled game. Once a player wins the jackpot, it resets to a pre-set minimum value.  Jackpot wins are determined by a random number generator rather than triggered by an event within the game. The jackpot is awarded when the randomly predetermined point between the minimum and maximum values is reached.

Vault Breaker has three jackpot levels:

  • The Grand Jackpot (province-wide) will pay between $500,000 and $1,500,000
  • The Major Jackpot (regional) will pay between $5,000 and $25,000
  • The Minor Jackpot (site) will pay between $100 and $500

A percentage of every wager from a progressive-enabled game is directed toward the jackpots and 100 per cent is paid out in winnings.  All progressive-enabled games will have a Vault Breaker sash on the game icon in the main menu.  Jackpot levels will be displayed on the top screen while a progressive-enabled game is played. They will also show intermittently on the top screen while the machine is idle.