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Mar 09, 2023

Vault Breaker jackpot won in Saskatoon

Saskatoon, SK – Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) is pleased to announce a Vault Breaker jackpot prize awarded by the Saskatchewan VLT program. Allan resident Bruce Everitt won an astounding $1,131,009.97 after hitting the grand jackpot on Vault Breaker while visiting The Thirsty Scholar in Saskatoon on March 6.

When three Vault Breaker symbols appeared on Everitt’s screen, he had no idea he was about to win big.

“The lady next to me told me it looks like I won something,” Everitt recalled as he claimed his prize. Then all five of the symbols appeared, winning him the grand jackpot.

“I was pretty surprised,” he said. “I called my wife and told her right away!”

The next day when Everitt woke up, he wasn’t sure if he had been dreaming.

“I asked my wife ‘did I win something last night?’” he recalled. He opened his bedside table and saw the ticket inside, confirming that his big win was real.

The excited winner has a few plans in mind for his windfall.

“I was recently telling my wife that it would be nice to be mortgage free,” he continued. “So now we can be.”

Everitt said he’s also thinking about taking a trip soon.

Vault Breaker is a wide-area progressive that links 4,200 VLTs located in approximately 570 sites in 270 communities across the province. There are three mystery jackpot tiers: the province-wide grand jackpot has a minimum value of $500,000 and pays out before it hits $1.5 million, the major regional jackpot has a minimum value of $5,000 and pays out before it hits $25,000, and the local site jackpot minimum is $100 and pays out before hitting $500. Any jackpot tiers can be won when a patron plays Vault Breaker. 

The province-wide jackpot has awarded $28,173,298.07 to 30 winners since June 2017. Vault Breaker's province-wide jackpot has now been reset to $500,000. 

About WCLC: Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) manages, conducts, and operates video lottery-related activities as an agent for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA). 

About SLGA: The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) is responsible for the distribution, control, and regulation of liquor and most gaming across the province and regulates the sales and distribution of cannabis in Saskatchewan. SLGA owns a network of 4,200 VLTs located in more than 570 sites in 270 communities across the province.